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Prevent Advanced Decay with Ozone Dentistry


Ozone dentistry provides many benefits to patients. Ozone leaves no residue, and is a great advancement in the medical field that allows us to keep water lines pure, safe, and sanitized. We can also use ozone at our practice while removing cavities to stimulate new growth and promote optimal health.

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Ozone is something I have been so excited about. I actually read the research about it over nine years ago, where an Irish doctor was treating patients with ozone and able to prevent decay from getting worse. And it has taken a long time for the FDA to finally approve it and let us bring it here to the United States. As soon as they got it approved, I took the course from Dr. Phil Mollica, who's the expert on the ozone here and has been using it for over 12 years in his research institution. When I brought home the machine, it was like just being out of dental school again, something new and innovative that's helping patients. The first way ozone helps our patients is we're able to disinfect all our water lines. All the dental lines are cleaned with ozone so there are no chemicals, there's no residue, and it's just a healthy way to keep our water lines pure and as safe and sanitary as we can. And then the second way we use ozone is when we take out a cavity, we get to treat that clean surface and actually sterilize that surface so clean that it stimulates new growth and health, where the interior of the tooth gets hardened. There's a better bonding surface for the filling, and there's a protective layer between the filling and the nerve so there's less sensitivity, and we're seeing things become more durable and last longer. Over 100 years ago, Tesla actually invented one of the first ozone machines. He was a fascinating scientist and in Germany, before antibiotics were around, they used it to kill any type of infection where now you'd use antibiotics. So that's where it first was used and discovered. We can now with ozone kill not just bacteria, but parasites, virus, fungus. Anything that is gram positive or harmful to the body, we can kill it with the ozone, holistically, without drugs or chemicals.

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Dr. Tanner's office and staff are the best!!! I’ve been going to him for over ten years and always have been treated with the best care. Even when I had an emergency, they got me right in. His work is exceptional, and pretty much pain free!!

-Suzi B.