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In this ozone dentistry testimonial, Kathy discusses the importance of finding a dentist like Dr. Patrick Tanner who is careful and cognizant of the types of substances he uses in his practice. She discusses ozone dentistry and how it can help keep teeth strong and healthy by preserving enamel. As a holistic veterinarian, she has been so impressed with ozone that she has incorporated it into her veterinary practice.

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My name is Kathy Backus. I'm a veterinarian, a holistic veterinarian and I use ozone in my practice and so I practice what I preach. I wanted to find a biological dentist, is what it's called, or a dentist that uses ozone. There are actually a couple of web pages that list the practitioners, and that's how I found out about his practice. And then I was so excited because it was close by and I came in and then I was thrilled to find that, not only does he use ozone, but he's got a fabulous business model. Very friendly and they're efficient. So it really clicked in well. I actually have pretty good teeth, but I have bad gum recession which is a problem, right? Because I'm barely under 50 and you think, "Well, I want to keep my teeth." And I had actually . . . the traditional dentist had said, "Well, get a gum graft," and I had done that on a number of my teeth, which is a surgery, and it's expensive and it's a little bit annoying to have the recovery. And it helped maybe 10%, but it was like putting a little Band-aid on it. It wasn't really addressing the underlying issue which, obviously, was try not to grind your teeth or get a mouth guard, you know, the true root cause. But in better tools, the ozone will actually help preserve that enamel which is the part of your teeth that's going to keep it strong. And also, then in that course I have with the gum recession and some pockets that are left in the dentin on the root that are exposed and that's the soft part of the tooth, which if you just keep chopping down the tree, you're going to lose it. So I was like, "Oh, we've got to preserve these teeth." And so that's when we put in fillings and when you put things in your mouth that are permanent implants, or anything in your body, then you really want to be careful about the ingredients. So having a biological dentist that actually is very careful about the type of substance that you use for your filling, as well as using that ozone, it was the only thing, because it's a gas, that will get down into the tooth and it'll penetrate. It would go through biofilm, it'll get into that tooth and it'll actually sterilize it, at the same time it desensitizes. We didn't use any kind of local anesthetic. For me that was the key. That's the way to actually have a preventative and good solution for something that was heading towards I would lose my teeth. [no audio 00:02:31 to 00:03:59] Judith Schumacher is a veterinarian and she was the one that introduced me to ozone and said if she had to pick, this is the exact quote, she said, "If I was in a box and I had to pick one tool, you know, one tool that I could help, I would pick ozone." And that struck me. I was like, "Wow." That's pretty profound from a woman who has a lot of tools in her toolbox. So that's how I got interested in it and I actually used it, first got a machine and used ozone on some difficult cases, had tremendous results and then I was like, "I've got to find out about this." The only time, the only course at that time was the human course, so I went to Frank Shallenberger's course, who teaches the ozone course. They now let veterinarians in in small numbers. They're teaching human doctors, dentists, and that's when I was kind of launched in my ozone. And now it's probably the basis of my practice. I use it in so many ways, and what was interesting is it keeps circling back to the teeth, the mouth. It is so important, and in animals it's huge. With infection and gingivitis and things that you can't easily reach and ozone is the thing that cut through biofilm and get to it. So I'm . . . it's just beyond, there isn't anything else. It's a standard of care, I think, and it should be mandated for dentistry. And I was very excited to start using it in my practice in animals and dentistry. So then, like I said, practice what you preach. Find a human dentist doing the same thing. So that's how Dr. Tanner came into my life.

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