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Tiffany's Testimonial Discussing Our Family Dentistry Practice


Tiffany has been a patient of ours for about 10 years. She discusses how our family dentistry practice is a place that her parents, cousins, and other family members visit for their dental work. Dr. Tanner has helped her achieve beautiful teeth that make her more confident, and she discusses how treatments at our office have been life-changing.

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My name is Tiffany Johnson. I started to come see Dr. Tanner probably 10 years ago. He just worked on cavities and things that I needed with my teeth. When I was a kid, I had two big white spots on the front of my teeth, and my dentist that I had as a child, he shaved them down and they were just really thin, so they put some material over the top of them and they always looked kind of yellow and just cracked. I was so self-conscious all the time talking to people because they look at your smile and I would always think, "They're looking at my teeth." You know what they're looking at and I hated it, and so when Dr. Tanner gave me the solution that I could get this smile makeover, it was absolutely life-changing. I can talk to people and look them in the face and know that they're looking at my teeth and not thinking, "What is wrong with that girl's teeth?" Instead, it's, "Gosh, she has pretty teeth." Dr. Tanner definitely is family-oriented. My kids feel comfortable around him. He's so kind, and it's just a great environment to come. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Tanner and I have. My mom and dad come, my cousins, my brother, my sister, they've all come to see Dr. Tanner. I'm always talking because people ask me "Who is your dentist?" and I always, "Dr. Tanner. You've got to go."

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Dr. Tanner's office and staff are the best!!! I’ve been going to him for over ten years and always have been treated with the best care. Even when I had an emergency, they got me right in. His work is exceptional, and pretty much pain free!!

-Suzi B.