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South Ogden Smiles is a dental practice that loves making their patients feel like part of the family. Dr. Tanner and his staff are committed to making each and every patient feel comfortable and important before, during, and after their dental treatments. Dr. Tanner's passion for learning and continuing education is passed on to his staff and team to help our patients achieve the very best care and treatments possible.

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Patient 1: Dr. Tanner definitely is family-oriented. My kids feel comfortable around him. He's so kind and just it's a great environment to come. Patient 2: One of the greatest things about Dr. Tanner is he's very personable. He takes the time to listen to what you have to say. Patient 1: Dr. Tanner, truly, he has become my husband and I's friend. My husband . . . we love to boat and all over Dr. Tanner's walls are pictures of his kids surfing and having fun and so we relate on that level. We have developed a friendship through being his patients. He is a really great guy. Dr. Tanner: What sets our practice apart is that we have a true team philosophy here. I love continuing education. I love to learn, but I also love to share that with my team and we try and go to courses together, do other type of activities where we can grow and learn and share and then be able to share that with our patients. And I think that allows for exceptional care, and patients feel the difference. They say when they pick up the phone, when they come to the door, they feel like family. Patient 3: When I called Dr. Tanner for the consultation, it just felt like the right guy, very friendly and explained things very well to me. So I felt very comfortable with him. He's just a really good guy. Staff Member 1: Dr. Tanner's on the cutting edge of being on top of everything, and working for a dentist like him, it's amazing. I get to see everything he does. Dr. Tanner: When I first started out in dentistry, I was able to have incredible mentors with cosmetic dentistry and go and be a part of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and do a lot with the Crown Council and just learning how to be the best dentist I can be. I've now become associated with the Holistic Dental Society or Association, the HDA. They work together on making sure materials are acceptable for people. Staff Member 1: He has very good bedside manners. He sits there and he listens and he's concerned. He's concerned with what you come to the office for. Patient 4: It's like you're the most important person right there at that time. When you speak, they look at you, they listen to you. Dr. Tanner: My philosophy is to make sure every patient that comes in here knows that they're important. Patient 4: When you find somebody that does good work and they're reliable and they're accountable, you know, what else can you say? That's really what you want. Staff Member 2: We really care about the patients and we take time for the patients. Staff Member 3: Our patients are definitely family. Dr. Tanner: We care about our patients and that we listen to what they need to help them be healthier, happier, and enjoy their smile.

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South Ogden Smiles

Dr. Patrick Tanner and the team at South Ogden Smiles are committed to personalized patient care and exceptional dentistry. We stand out from our competitors in the field by offering:

  • Holistic Dentistry
  • Ozone Therapy 
  • CO2 Laser-Assisted Treatment
  • Flexible Financing

For more information about our comprehensive services, please send us a message or give us a call at (801) 475-7776.

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"This is the best experience I have ever had! Dr. Tanner takes his time to ensure quality work, not to mention how incredibly kind he treats everyone in his office. I loved all of his staff, what a wonderful experience!" Alisa Alder

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