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Types of Oral Injuries That Can Lead to Tooth Loss

A man smilingThe team at South Ogden Smiles carefully tailors treatments to the needs of patients. When this involves restorative dentistry, that means assessing the damage done to the structures of the mouth and determining the ideal way to rebuild the teeth and gums.

A number of different oral injuries can lead to the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth. Let's consider some common injuries and then discuss restorative treatments.

Slips and Falls

Falls can be a major cause of tooth loss and serious oral injuries. This is particularly true of falls from major heights or falls in which you cannot catch or stop yourself from falling. It's ideal to use handrails and guardrails when applicable, and to be careful when floors are slick or slippery.

Vehicle Accidents

Whether your in a car or on your bike, a vehicle accident can lead to a number of serious injuries, tooth loss among them. Be sure to wear helmets and safety restraints when applicable. These can help protect you in case of a collision.

Work Injuries

People who work in construction or in industrial jobs that involve machinery face a number of occupational hazards. One of the potential hazards they face is an on-the-job injury that causes dental injury. Wearing proper protective gear at work and being attentive of your surroundings is a sure way to prevent tooth loss and serious trauma.

Contact and Combat Sports

Both contact sports and combat sports can lead to serious injuries. Football, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, boxing, and mixed martial arts (MMA) all involve contact that could damage a tooth or knock it loose. Even a stray elbow in basketball or a mistimed header in soccer could lead to oral injury of some kind.

Given the nature of these sports, it's important that you wear all necessary pads, helmets, and face protection during competition and practice. A protective mouth guard is also a good idea, and it is common among many athletes at different levels.

Physical Altercations

If you are involved in a fight or are assaulted, it's possible to lose a tooth or a few teeth as a result of the altercation. This becomes extremely likely if you experience blows to the head and face.

Accidents While Eating

We often hear horror stories about people eating popcorn and biting into an unpopped kernel. This can lead to major trauma to the teeth, including fractures and tooth loss. The same is true about a bit of bone, a very hard seed or pit, or if there is a foreign object in your food. Try to savor your food and eat slowly when you can.

Treatments for Missing Teeth

When it comes to treating tooth loss, we have many different options to consider.

Sometimes the tooth can be saved if the matter is addressed as soon as possible. Place the tooth in a cup of milk if one is handy. If not, tuck the tooth in your mouth and visit an emergency dental care specialist immediately.

If the tooth cannot be saved, then traditional restorative options such as bridgework and dentures is recommended. Dental implants may also be worth considering, and can be discussed during the consultation process.

Contact South Ogden Smiles

For more information about treating oral injuries and improving the overall health of your smile, be sure to contact our team of cosmetic and restorative dentistry experts today. The team at South Ogden Smiles will help you achieve optimal dental health.

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