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Dentistry Utah

We Can Rebuild Your Smile with Treatment for Missing Teeth

Woman admiring her beautiful smileNo one is happy when adult tooth loss occurs. However, tooth loss is not an uncommon problem, so patients should not be ashamed to pursue treatment for missing teeth. Restorative dentistry treatments address oral health problems, such as tooth loss, and allow patients to rebuild a healthy and beautiful smile. Dr. Patrick Tanner offers a number of treatments for missing teeth at his South Ogden, UT practice. He is happy to discuss the details of each of these treatments and help patients choose a solution that will best meet their unique needs and desires.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a common restorative treatment for patients who have experienced minor to moderate tooth loss. A dental bridge sits between the natural teeth and fills in gaps that are left by the loss of a single tooth or a set of several teeth. Although a dental bridge can replace multiple teeth, it consists of one single piece (called a pontic) that is anchored by a dental crown on either side. A dental bridge restores oral functions, strengthens the teeth, and holds the replacement teeth in their proper position. This restoration also blends in seamlessly with the natural teeth and enhances the beauty of the smile.


Dentures are another restorative treatment option for tooth loss. Dentures are most often used when tooth loss is moderate to severe, meaning that many, or most, of the teeth have been lost. Dentures can replicate a small set of teeth or an entire arch of teeth. These prostheses sit over the patient’s gums and form a seal that holds them in place. Today’s dentures are vastly improved compared to those that were used in the past. Patients can rely on dentures to provide the strength and stability that is needed to improve oral functions. Dentures are specially designed for each patient. We can customize the color, size, and shape of the dentures so that they complement a person’s facial features and blend in with any remaining natural teeth.

Dental Implants

Although all missing teeth treatments can be relied upon to improve oral functions and enhance the beauty of the smile, none offer as many benefits as dental implants. Dental implants are surgically implanted directly into the jawbone. These small titanium screws act as artificial tooth roots. They provide stimulation to the jaw and gums while offering stability and support to artificial teeth. Dental implants are appropriate for all cases of tooth loss, from the most minor to the most severe. This is because dental implants can act as anchors for a full range of dental restorations, including dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures. When it comes to comfort, security, and ease of care, there is no greater restoration than dental implants.

Schedule an Appointment

If tooth loss goes untreated, oral health and functions will suffer. To prevent tooth loss from leading to further complications, schedule an appointment with Dr. Patrick Tanner to learn more about our treatments for missing teeth. We offer a variety of restorative treatments that can improve your oral strength and functions and restore the beautiful smile you desire.

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Dr. Tanner's office and staff are the best!!! I’ve been going to him for over ten years and always have been treated with the best care. Even when I had an emergency, they got me right in. His work is exceptional, and pretty much pain free!!

-Suzi B.