Tooth Gaps Can Hurt Your Smile, and Dentists Can Fix That By Dr. Tanner on December 01, 2015

A woman smilingWhen patients come to South Ogden Smiles, they know that we offer the latest in cosmetic dentistry as well as other advanced dental care procedures. This is a great way to deal with aesthetic flaws and other kinds of issues that affect a smile.

Since a number of patients have been asking us about tooth gaps and dental treatments, we'd like to cover the basics of these matters right now.

Gaps Between Teeth Affect Smile Aesthetics

When you suffer from gaps between your teeth, it can lead to a whole host of aesthetic flaws. Poor spacing is can cause people to feel quite self-conscious, making them hesitant to smile, speak, or laugh, even around family members and friends. Making those key first impressions can be much more difficult due to poor spacing of your teeth.

Tooth Gaps Can Also Cause Dental Health Problems

In addition to causing cosmetic flaws, tooth gaps can also lead to a number of dental health problems. Crooked teeth and general malocclusion is a common cause of tooth pain and teeth grinding (bruxism), which can in turn lead to tooth damage and TMJ disorders.

Thankfully there are plenty of options to consider when it comes to treating these kinds of issues with spacing and tooth shape.

Dental Bonding for Very Small Tooth Gaps

When you have very minor problems with tooth gaps that are cosmetic problems in nature, your best option for treatment is dental bonding. Dental bonding involves the use of special tooth-colored resin that is painted directly onto the tooth surface. It can build out small amounts of tooth structure to fill gaps and help your smile look great.

Porcelain Veneers for Larger Cosmetic Tooth Gaps

When dental bonding is not ideal for cosmetic tooth gaps, a good option to consider is a porcelain veneer or two. Porcelain veneers are shells of ultra-thin dental ceramic that are used to conceal a flawed tooth from view. With a porcelain veneer in place, patients can smile with absolute confidence, without no one realizing that any dental work has been completed.

In addition to minor gaps, porcelain veneers are an excellent option for treating major stains, chips, cracks, and size or asymmetry issues.

Orthodontic Treatment for Major Spacing Issues

When you have serious issues with gaps and spacing between your teeth, the best option for treatment is undergoing orthodontic care. This will involve the repositioning and realignment of your teeth using carefully applied pressure. Braces or alternative options can be considered for these needs.

Combined Treatments Mean a Smile Makeover

When one solution alone isn't enough to address your dental care needs, a combination of treatments may be used. This is known as a smile makeover, and it's a great way to have the aesthetics as well as the health of your smile improved. A smile makeover can be very effective.

Contact South Ogden Smiles

If you would like to learn more about treating tooth gaps and making your smile as healthy and beautiful as possible, we encourage you to contact our cosmetic and restorative dentistry center today. The team at South Ogden Smiles will be more than happy to address all of your concerns in full detail during the consultation process.

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