10 Common Bad Dental Habits That Everyone Should Avoid By Dr. Tanner on August 29, 2015

A woman with a toothacheThe team at South Ogden Smiles helps patients have healthy, beautiful smiles by offering some of the most advanced restorative dentistry treatments for the teeth and gums. Yet the entire team knows that prevention is generally the best policy for dental health.

Let's look at 10 common bad habits that result in dental problems. All of these are things you should reconsider if you would like to have a healthy and beautiful smile.

#1 - Not Brushing Your Teeth Enough

Brushing your teeth is so simple, and yet many people forget to do it or neglect to do it. It's of the utmost important that people brush their teeth at least twice a day (ideally after every meal) to prevent cavities from forming.

#2 - Not Flossing Your Teeth Enough

While many people may brush their teeth regularly, most people simply do not floss enough, meaning that plaque and food particles remain caught between teeth. You should floss at least once a night, and ideally after every meal.

#3 - Using Tobacco Products: Cigars, Cigarettes, Chewing Tobacco

Cigars, cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco have so many negative effects on your health. They also ruin the color of your teeth and make gum disease more likely in the process. This is just another compelling reason to quit.

#4 - Biting Your Fingernails

It might be a nervous habit, but it's an awful one to have. Biting your nails makes chips and cracks on your teeth more likely. Not only is this a social faux pas, it's a bad habit that's worth breaking.

#5 - Chewing on Ice, Pen Caps, and Drinking Straws

On the note of bad habits that involve biting, the same ought to be said about chewing on ice cubes, nibbling on pens and pen caps, and biting on drinking straws. These can all cause serious wear and tear to the teeth, resulting in chips and cracks.

#6 - Using Your Teeth as If They Were Tools

Here's another bad habit worth kicking if you can. Many people have used their teeth to open bags or perhaps tear into packaging of different kinds. This is just a bad idea. Use scissors instead of your teeth, please.

#7 - Too Much Snacking on Sugary Foods

You know how your parents used to say that candy will rot your teeth out? They were right. The oral bacteria that causes tooth decay loves sugars and carbs, meaning that candy can potentially accelerate the progress of cavities.

#8 - Constantly Drinking Soda and Sugary Beverages

Soda and other sugary drinks pose the same problems as candies and sweet. Too much sugar simply isn't good for your general health or dental health. Consider water to stay hydrated instread.

#9 - Constant Thumbsucking or Pacifier Use

If a toddler keeps sucking his or her thumb or pacifier, this can actually alter the shape of the palate and lead to tooth misalignment and other serious issues. Be sure to speak with a pediatric dentist about this if you notice your child having issues with pacifier use or thumbsucking.

#10 - Not Visiting Your Dentist Regularly

Twice a year is all it takes to help you have a smile that is healthy and beautiful. It's surprising that many people do not visit their dentist enough, but it's true. If you haven't in more than six months, be sure to schedule a checkup as soon as possible.

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