Dental Care for Teens: What Treatments Are Common? By Dr. Tanner on January 30, 2015

A young girl outdoors smilingAt South Ogden Smiles, we are happy to treat patients of all ages and of varying needs. We understand that proper care does involve considerations of patient age, which is why we are very accommodating and attentive regarding such matters. The age of the patient may mean the difference between Invisalign treatment for crooked and misaligned teeth or the use of traditional metal braces and other orthodontic appliances. Let's take a moment right now to consider the dental care needs of teens.

The Basics Are Always Important

At all ages, undergoing regular dental visits and getting proper general care is always going to matter. Dentists will be able to take x-rays, check for cavities, prevent gum disease, and discuss other dental health matters in greater detail. Going to the dentist twice a year every year is a key to long-lasting dental health throughout your life.

Orthodontic Treatment May Be Ideal

Around the teenage years, a number of patients undergo orthodontic care. This is an ideal time since all of the permanent teeth should be in place. Obviously the needs of patients will vary, and sometimes orthodontic care will be implemented earlier, with a rest period in treatment between pre-adolesence and the teens.

The use of traditional braces or Invisalign is common for teens, and in fact many teens prefer Invisalign because of how it allows them to smile and go about their day wearing clear plastic aligner trays. Even up close, many people will not realize that an Invisalign patient is undergoing an advanced orthodontic treatment.

Restorative Dental Care for Various Needs

If a teenager experiences tooth decay of some kind or tooth injury of some kind, restorative treatments will rebuild the compromised tooth structure. The use of fillings, inlays, onlays, and dental crowns are ideal, with the exact restoration to use defined by extent of the tooth damage. While function is a primary concern, tooth-colored restorations will be used when possible in order for a patient's smile to look as natural as possible.

Mouth Guards for Student Athletes

Competing in high school and college sports can be exhilarating, though certain kinds of sports may make mouth injuries more likely. That's why a number of teens visit their dentists for customized mouth guards. These protective retainers will help prevent major chips, cracks, and other sorts of tooth damage, and will also protect the tongue from harm.

Planning for Potential Wisdom Tooth Removal

By the early twenties, many patients will have wisdom teeth coming in, which are a superfluous set of additional molars that emerge behind the rear molars on the upper and lower dental arches. If they come in crooked, they can cause toothaches and other serious wellness issues. During the late teens, dentists are often able to monitor the progression and emergence of these wisdom teeth and plan ahead for their eventual extraction.

Continued Patient Education for the Best At-Home Care

Throughout all stages of a patient's life, dentists do their best to impart their wisdom, which includes tips for proper dental care and prevention of dental health problems. During the routine dental visits, teenage patients can expect to receive helpful pointers on how they can make their smiles as healthy as possible for the years ahead.

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