Dramatically Improve the Color of the Teeth with ZOOM! Teeth Whitening By Dr. Tanner on May 29, 2014

A dark-haired woman with a great smileIn an attempt to improve the appearance of the smile, many people try out over-the-counter teeth whitening products. These products can be useful for patients who are just looking to improve the tooth color by a couple of shades. However, for patients with significant stains or discoloration, these products often fail to provide the desired results. Additionally, if used improperly, they can cause sensitivity and even damage to the soft tissues of the mouth. A safer and more effective alternative to these products is professional teeth whitening. Cosmetic dentist Patrick Tanner can improve the appearance of the smilefor his Ogden patients with ZOOM! teeth whitening treatment. This simple teeth whitening procedure can brighten the teeth and produce results greater than those achieved after weeks of using over-the-counter products.

The Treatment

Professional teeth whitening is a safe and non-invasive procedurethat can significantly brighten and whiten the teeth. Essentially, ZOOM! teeth whitening works by exfoliating stains and discoloration from your teeth. This results in the teeth being restored to their natural color. The removal of stains is achieved by applying a bleaching gel to the surface of the teeth. The ZOOM! whitening gel contains 25 percent hydrogen peroxide. The bleaching powers of this gel are activated by a special light that is placed over the teeth after the gel has been applied. Throughout the treatment process, the gums, lips, and eyes are covered so that they are protected from the whitening gel.

How Long Is the Treatment?

ZOOM! teeth whitening consists of three phases of treatment. Dr. Tanner applies the whitening gel and then exposes the teeth to the light for 15 minutes. After the first 15 minutes, the whitening gel is cleaned off the teeth and a fresh layer is applied. Again, the teeth are exposed to the UV light for 15 minutes. This process is repeated three times, for a total of 45 minutes under the light. When you factor in check-in time, application, and clean-up, the average ZOOM! treatment can be completed in about an hour, making it easy to fit in during a lunch break.

What Results Can I Expect?

Dr. Tanner cannot make guarantees regarding how many shades brighter the teeth will be after treatment. The ZOOM! teeth whitening process cleans the teeth to restore them to their natural color, so results are largely dependent on the degree of stains present and the natural shade of the patient’s teeth. However, by testing tooth color both before and after treatment, we can say that the average patient improves tooth color by eight shades, with some patients resulting in teeth over 10 shades whiter. These results are significantly greater than those achieved with over-the-counter treatments. Additionally, the results of ZOOM! teeth whitening are immediate, so patients leave our office with a whiter, more beautiful smile.

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Teeth whitening is considered the safest cosmetic dental procedure and can greatly improve the overall appearance of the smile. If you’d like to dramatically whiten your teeth in as little as one hour, contact us to learn more about ZOOM! teeth whitening. Dr. Patrick Tanner is happy to help you achieve a bright, beautiful smile.

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