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We are incredibly proud of the positive feedback we receive from our patients on a regular basis. Our goal is to make a positive impact on every member of our extended dental family by continually striving for excellence in everything we do. Because we share a genuine concern for each patient’s well-being, the highest compliment is to hear patients say they feel safe, comfortable, and welcomed in our practice while achieving optimal dental health. We would love to earn your trust and show you what a difference our unique approach to dental care can make.

Kathy's Testimonial of Ozone Dentistry

In this patient testimonial, Kathy discusses the importance of finding a biological dentist like Dr. Patrick Tanner, located in Ogden, UT, who is careful and cognizant of the types of substances he uses in his practice. She discusses ozone dentistry and how it can help keep teeth strong and healthy by preserving the tooth's natural enamel. As a holistic veterinarian, she has been so impressed with ozone, that she has incorporated it into her veterinarian practice.

Recently I went to Dr. Tanner to have several old fillings removed because of his holistic approach. I had little to no waiting. His staff was extremely congenial. Dr. Tanner was personable and professional at the same time. He took the time to explain everything to me. He was considerate and efficient during the entire appointment. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Tanner and his EXCELLENT staff. I have told my family about the excellent service that is given at South Ogden Smiles and several have already made appointments.

–  SuZan Brown

This is the best experience I have ever had! Dr. Tanner is worth driving to visit, he takes his time to ensure quality work, not to mention how incredibly kind he treats everyone in his office. I loved all of his staff, what a wonderful experience!

–  Alisa Alder

I love South Ogden Smiles! This is the best dental experience that my family has ever had. Dr. Tanner's work is exceptional! The crowns my son had replaced are top notch. The attention to detail during the crown process was also exceptional. My son says that out of all the shots he has experienced, Dr. Tanner's are the most pleasant. As a mom, I appreciate Dr. Tanner’s opinions. He is neither too conservative nor too liberal in treating his patients. I can ALWAYS trust his recommendations. This has saved me time and money. His office staff is friendly, welcoming and very accommodating! I have called on a moment’s notice, even when it wasn’t an emergency, and they have had us right in for treatment. Way to go, South Ogden Smiles! I can't say enough!

–  Beckki Endicott

Dr. Tanner fixed my 3 year old’s teeth, 3 cavities and a sealant on a healed cavity & chip. I appreciate how calm and gentle he was with her. He cleaned the teeth out and filled the holes without any need for numbing or anesthesia. The staff were all so helpful and made us feel welcome, as well as helping my child feel safe. I also noticed the staff here are great at listening and offering tips or bits of info that may be helpful.

–  Deann Hadley

Dr. Tanner and his staff are the best and continue to strive to be the best! It is so nice to walk into the office and have the staff greet you with a smile. I’m not a fan of having people touch my teeth but Dr. Tanner is understanding of this and makes the experience pleasant. I am confident in the staff and Dr. Tanner every time I go in. My teeth look and feel better than they have in a long time!

–  Kelsey Marie Rule

Dr. Tanner and his staff are so kind and understanding. The whole staff really knows how to make you feel welcome. Dr. Tanner really knows what he is doing, and is one of the best dentists I have ever been to! My teeth have never felt so good!!

–  Monday Platter

Dr Tanner is great. I have never met anyone so interested in my teeth. It’s sad to say he was probably even more concerned about them that I was. The office visits were painless and all the staff were very kind.

–  Ross Walker

Dr. Tanner office and staff are the best!!! I’ve been going to him for over ten years and always have been treated with the best care. Even when I had an emergency, they got me right in. His work is exceptional, and pretty much pain free!!

–  Suzi Bates

Dr. Tanner and staff standing in their office

South Ogden Smiles

Dr. Patrick Tanner and the team at South Ogden Smiles are committed to personalized patient care and exceptional dentistry. We stand out from our competitors in the field by offering:

  • Holistic Dentistry
  • Ozone Therapy 
  • CO2 Laser-Assisted Treatment
  • Flexible Financing

For more information about our comprehensive services, please send us a message or give us a call at (801) 475-7776.

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"This is the best experience I have ever had! Dr. Tanner takes his time to ensure quality work, not to mention how incredibly kind he treats everyone in his office. I loved all of his staff, what a wonderful experience!" Alisa Alder

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